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Return Processing
Return Merchandise Tracking, Error Detection and Charge-back Minimization

At DSP, we work with you to ensure that each return is closely analyzed to determine the reason for the return and ensure its placement back into your inventory. Our return processing services include product verification, inspection and sortation. A detailed report, which categorizes each return and supplies digital photos, is available upon request.

By correctly categorizing returns based on the client's guidelines, we assist you by verifying the return so you can accurately determine the appropriate credit due to your customer.

At DSP, we protect you against potential charge-backs. Our familiarity with various routing guidelines of the toughest retailers in the business ensures cost-effective product distribution.

We know what to look for, such as vendor packaging errors, UPC and labeling errors. Once these errors are detected, we notify you immediately so that errors are fixed before they become a financial issue.

Our comprehensive tracking system monitors every detail in the receiving, warehousing and shipping process including the documenting of when a transport partner is contacted, when a driver arrives at our facility and when your order has been shipped from our location. Bills of lading are never signed "shipped load and count" without client approval.

Our procedures and documentation help you to refute the unfounded charge-backs that have become so common amongst the largest retailers. 
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